Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Spring?

Broken or malfunctioning springs are the most common garage door repair service we see at Easy Lift Door, and for good reason: you should never attempt to change or repair a broken garage door spring on your own!

  • Springs are under extreme tension and if malfunctioning, can pose a severe risk of injury if not handled with the proper safety procedures.
  • Do not try to operate your garage door if you think your spring may be broken. It can damage the door or put undue stress on the opener to open or close it against a broken spring.
  • The best thing you can do is to contact a highly-trained professional, like an Easy Lift Door service technician to help you fix or replace your broken spring.

Here are the warning signs that you're spring needs to be replaced.

  • Garage door Opener struggling to open and close door
  • Door appears crooked or unlevel
  • Cables are loose or hanging
  • Damaged top panel where opener arm attaches
  • Door is extremely heavy or impossible to lift manually

It's not as expensive as you might think.

Single Torsion spring change - $209
Double Torsion spring change - $319
TorqueMaster spring change - $369

Conversion - $469

Please give us a call at (916) 922-7123
or fill out the form for a $30 diagnostic!