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Garage Door Mechanics: Can a Door Function Without Springs?


Introduction to Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are an integral part of home security and convenience. However, one often wonders about the mechanics behind their seamless operation. A common query is whether a garage door can function without its springs. This article delves into the role of springs in garage door mechanisms, exploring the feasibility and implications of operating a door without them. This becomes especially important for those who have a broken garage door spring.

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Understanding Garage Door Spring Costs: A Comprehensive Guide


Key Takeaways




Garage door springs are crucial for the balance and functionality of garage doors.

Cost Factors

Factors affecting the cost include type of spring, brand, and labor.

DIY vs Professional Repair

DIY can be risky; professional repair ensures safety and expertise.

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance can extend the life of garage door springs.

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How to Customize Your Garage Door

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Trending Garage Door Designs for 2021


Trends and new stylish home improvements are not commonly associated with garage doors, but we are here to change your mind! 

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A Clean Garage is a Safe Garage

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Garage Door On The Naughty List


Is Your Garage Door On The Naughty List This Year?

Are you thankful Santa enters through the chimney, rather than the garage door? Worried the rattles and squeaks your door makes would scare him off?

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Worried A Garage Door Repair Will Gobble Your Budget?


With cold winter weather headed your way, now is not the time to delay. The garage door repair you have been putting off while you’ve been enjoying turkey and football might expose your garage and your family to the rain and snow it was designed to protect you from. We at Easy Lift Door Company make repairs just that…easy! We work with homeowners and homebuilders to get doors fixed quickly, with quality, and expert care.

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Do Broken Springs Scare You?


A broken spring can be worrisome, but the repair shouldn’t be! For pros like us, fixing springs is what we do all day, as it is our most common repair. Please don’t ever attempt to change one yourself, that would be truly frightening as springs are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury if not handled professionally with proper safety procedure and the correct tools. Let Easy Lift Door assess the situation for you.

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Don't “Fall” For Just Any Garage Door Maintenance


Autumn is upon us, bringing us to the ideal season for garage door maintenance. After a summer of dust and excessive heat that has taken a toll on your door and opener, yet before heavy winter storms come pounding in against it, it’s time to tend to your door’s needs. Tis’ the season to maintain and repair


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We All Have A Style. What Is Yours…


Country, Classic, Modern?

Would your garage door agree? If you are like most of us you’ve put some time into personalizing your yard and home exterior to your taste. Your home’s largest external features should get the same treatment. This one change will create a polished exterior that sets the style, bringing huge curb appeal to your home. Easy Lift Doors can help you find what type of door fits your needs, with expert advice a call away.

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