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Worried A Garage Door Repair Will Gobble Your Budget?

With cold winter weather headed your way, now is not the time to delay. The garage door repair you have been putting off while you’ve been enjoying turkey and football might expose your garage and your family to the rain and snow it was designed to protect you from. We at Easy Lift Door Company make repairs just that…easy! We work with homeowners and homebuilders to get doors fixed quickly, with quality, and expert care.

Free Diagnostic Of Your Door’s Issue

Sometimes it is hard to know how severe or minor a door issue might be and what is really the root cause of the problem. In fact, when dealing with door springs it can be downright dangerous. That is where our highly-trained and properly equipped techs come into the picture. We are so sure of our superior workmanship that we diagnose your door’s needed repair for free. From Reno to Sacramento, from Fresno to the Bay Area we’re everywhere and that is how we like it. We have a well-regarded reputation for fixing garage doors affordably and quickly. And, should you be looking to upgrade your door, whether with insulation, or by adding a WiFi enabled opener or even a whole new appearance, we can expertly help there too. 


Easy Lift Door Company is one of the nation’s largest residential garage door dealers, working with the leading manufacturers in the industry. Always keeping our customers’ budgets in mind, we offer a low price guarantee on our products that allows us to beat our competitors’ prices. 

We are a second-generation, family-owned business that has been working diligently with customers since 1984. We treat every customer with care and hand-pick a professional installer for each job to ensure they’re the perfect fit. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you get your garage door repaired so you can get back to focusing on the holiday fun!

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