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6 Garage Remodel Ideas To Inspire Your Home Makeover


Whether you need more space for your favorite hobby or for a growing family, you already have a huge untapped resource to add more square footage to your home: your garage! If you’re in search of a creative use for your garage, we’ve collected 6 clever ways to convert your garage to a living space. Find your favorite below. 

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How To Use Garage Door Lubricant To Silence A Squeaky Door


You’re coming home from work, hit the garage door opener, and hear it - SCREECH! At one point or another, we all deal with a squeaky garage door, but that doesn’t make the sound any less irritating.

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VIDEO: Hey, We Think You’re Pretty Nifty!


We’ve been missing our team lately, and we know how hard everyone is working from home to keep everything going for our customers. We wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation, and a little birdy told us that delivery is all the rage these days! 

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Part Two: Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions


Your garage door is one of your home’s features that you may take for granted until something goes sideways. Need to know how to reprogram your remote after a power outage? Trying to decide between garage door repair or replacement? We’re here to help.

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Garage Door Maintenance & Repair During COVID-19


Home maintenance and repair needs don’t stop while you’re home around the clock. We know it can be a struggle to get the repairs and maintenance you need with social distancing protocols in place. We at Easy Lift are working diligently to make sure your garage door is in top working order.

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What Brand Should I Pick For My Garage Door? Liftmaster Garage Door Openers



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What Brand Should I Pick For My Garage Door? Genie Garage Door Openers



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The MyQ App Now Makes it Simple For Amazon Package Deliveries!



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How You Can Upgrade Your Garage Door Through Customization!


We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, and adding upgrades to your home can get expensive. Transforming your home doesn’t have to break the bank! If you want to improve your curb appeal by upgrading your garage door on a budget, you can do this through customization. Easy Lift has incredible add-ons for your existing garage door to make it look brand new.

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Marie Kondo Garage Organization Tips



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