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Lifestyle Screens

What are Lifestyle Screens?

Lifestyle Screens are a retractable garage screen that integrates with your current garage door. Often featuring a built in retractable door allowing easy exterior access, natural light, and airflow to make the most of your garage. Transform your garage into a stunning space with a Lifestyle Screen. With easy installation and plenty of customization options to suit your home, discover how you can reclaim your garage.

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Our Installation Service Includes:

  • Installation of Lifestyle Screen and accessories
  • A thorough post-installation inspection
  • A product and performance demonstration with the homeowner
  • A review of various features

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What is a Lifestyle Screen?

The Lifestyle Screens are made with high-quality 2" x 2" aluminum frame and feature a durable wet painted shell for a consistent finish. The tracks are independent yet similar to your main garage door tracks, the Lifestyle Screens boast a spring-loaded counter-balance system for effortless opening and closing without the need for an electric opener. With the optional door-within-a-door feature for easy access, the Lifestyle Screens seamlessly integrate into the position of your existing garage door. Offering a wide range of features not found in any other garage screen, the Lifestyle Screens are the ultimate choice for a trouble-free and long-lasting garage screen system.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Does This Replace My Garage Door?

No. Use your garage as you normally would. When you want to use the screen simply open your garage door and roll down your Lifestyle Screen.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What are the Size/Color Options?

The screens come in 6' to 18' wide and 7', 8' 9', and 10' tall. (Any 9' and 10' screen is only up to a 16' width)

The frame comes in white, brown, and sandstone.

Additionally there are 3 screen options. The Standard 18x14 (Charcoal) Fiberglass screen for maximum airflow or the optional PVC Coated Polyester screen 17x20 (White or Black) designed for maximum durability.






[fa icon="plus-square"] What about clearance?

Typically you will not lose more than 1.75" of clearance on your garage opening. 

Lifestyle screen will work with high-lift garage systems; however, the screen will store at is normal height.

Unfortunately the screens cannot be installed on low headroom garage doors. (double horizontal track systems) 

[fa icon="plus-square"] What if I live in an HOA?

Lucky the screens are designed to meet most HOA regulations. Please download the Lifestyle Screens HOA packet to learn more.

HOA Packet