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Don't “Fall” For Just Any Garage Door Maintenance

Autumn is upon us, bringing us to the ideal season for garage door maintenance. After a summer of dust and excessive heat that has taken a toll on your door and opener, yet before heavy winter storms come pounding in against it, it’s time to tend to your door’s needs. Tis’ the season to maintain and repair


We Can Address Many Issues With A Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help extend longevity for your door. Many issues can begin slowly and should be a sign it’s time to call Easy Lift Door for maintenance. Issues such as:

  • Proper opening and closing
  • Slower response than normal
  • Any sagging panels or a broken spring
  • When the track may be off or unusually noisy

Working In Your Garage Shouldn’t End With The Change Of Season

Considering insulation to moderate your garage’s temperature to keep it user friendly? Easy Lift Door can offer insulation and other customization options with a low price guarantee. Our guarantee offers $25 off any licensed door company’s written estimate, including the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Costco. 

Contact Us To Schedule Today

Don’t “fall” for a service that is less than stellar this Autumn. Easy Lift Door has the professionalism and expertise to make maintenance quick and easy so your garage is ready for the stormy season. Contact us to get on our schedule now.

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