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Do Broken Springs Scare You?

A broken spring can be worrisome, but the repair shouldn’t be! For pros like us, fixing springs is what we do all day, as it is our most common repair. Please don’t ever attempt to change one yourself, that would be truly frightening as springs are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury if not handled professionally with proper safety procedure and the correct tools. Let Easy Lift Door assess the situation for you.

The Truly Scary: Trying To Operate Your Door With A Broken Spring

Please do not open or close your door if you think the spring is even possibly broken. Doing so may damage the door and put stress on the opener to move it against a broken spring. How do you confirm if your spring is in trouble? If your garage door is struggling to open or close it most likely is broken. You also may have a spring issue if your door appears crooked, is now heavier to lift or if you notice any loose or hanging cables. Another easy signal of spring damage is a top panel appears damaged where the opener arm attaches. 

The Not So Scary At All: Fixing A Spring Is Affordable

While no one wants to spend money on repairs, the cost of damage along with likelihood of injury are far scarier. As This Old House would say, “Hire a pro to inspect the mechanical parts annually.” Thankfully fixing springs with Easy Lift Doors is not as expensive as you might think, with torsion spring changes ranging from $260 for a single spring to $365 for both. Find out more about our Spring Pricing to get the best deal with Easy Lift Door Company. Not sure if your door needs spring repair or just an assessment? 

As DIY sites like the Spruce will tell you about spring repair, “Wise DIYers know that this is one household chore that is best left to the pros.” Easy Lift Door couldn’t agree more and are happy to consult you on your spring issue and can come look take a look for a simple $30 diagnostic fee. Take the scary out of the season and contact us now.

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