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How to Customize Your Garage Door

The garage door industry has held close to its original design since 1921 when the overhead garage door came to fruition. Despite this invention developing during the era of the great depression it endured and came to be a common residential fixture in the 1970s.

The basic mechanics haven’t changed; however, customizations and improved technology have made a stylish door not only achievable but a favorable ROI for homes! 

Customizations on Existing Doors

If you want to upgrade the current door on your home, the first step is to identify what your options are. Depending on the style of the door you may be limited to:

  • Improved hardware (High quality rollers, belt vs chain rail, or sound isolators)
  • Decorative hardware (Exterior handles)
  • Windows and Window inserts 
  • Vents
  • Painting


A new garage door opener can also provide many modern accessories such as monitoring cameras, automatic locks, and smartphone control. These additions will spiff up your current setup and bring some welcome ease of use features for day to day tasks. Imagine never having to worry if the garage was left open, with the ability to open and close it remotely from your phone.


Ordering a New Door to Match Your Home

A custom garage door is the best step in perfecting the look and value of your home. The market has many options to choose from such as Wood, Wood look on Metal, Full-view Glass, and more. The only details to be concerned about are regarding the door are:

  • Style
  • Windows or Solid
  • Dimensions
  • Color

We will help you get the best price with our dealer partnerships. 


Once you have picked a door style our team will help you determine the perfect combination of attributes to achieve your new door. This process is a little more detailed as there are multiple options for each part of the door. Windows or solid, insulated or non-insulated, you can guess how many combinations there are especially when there are about 200 options of colored powder coating! Don’t be afraid to have images of your home, a color pallet, and even a Pinterest mood board ready. 


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As you talk to our sales representative it’s important to have your garage opening dimensions handy as they will be needed for the quote. Please reference our diagram for these simple measurements.

We will take our own precise measurements once we conduct a pre-site inspection before installation of the door to ensure we order the proper size. We will check for other important details such as the header room, existing studs to anchor the rear hanging track and motor into, and if the stem walls need to be chipped.


Take a look at your house and imagine how a fresh garage door will improve your curb appeal!

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