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Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix Them

The garage door of a home is a special place for many people. It’s where dreams are made, memories are stored, and things are created.

While garage doors are a positive asset to have for your house, they come with their own set of issues. Thankfully, you have Easy Lift Door Company on your side to help! Here are five quick garage door fixes for your trusty, but pesky garage door.


1. Sagging Garage

Due to gravity, aging or other reasons, older garage doors begin to sag over the years. A quick garage door fix for this is to visit a local home improvement store and purchase tension rods. Attach the tension rods diagonally across the garage door and tighten them up slowly to fix the sagging. If you’re not sure how tight they need to be, we’re standing by to help.


2. Power Outage Situation

The power is out, and you have no way to keep the garage door shut. Now is not the time to panic! Here is our quick garage door fix. You will see a cord hanging down from the garage door with a red or other color handle. This is a manual override for your garage, so pull it down gently. Now, you should be able to open or close your garage with your own power.


3. Garage Locks

You could have your entire bicycle collection or a brand new car in your garage. Therefore, you want to make sure the garage door locks! Over time the horizontal lock that slides into place can shift out of place. Grab a screwdriver and loosen the guide brackets on the edges of the door, then reposition the brackets to match with the sliding lock. Your prized possessions are now safe!


4. Fixing Noisy Garage Doors

A noisy garage door can be annoying for you, your neighbors, and for the teenager living above the garage. Here’s our garage door fix for a noisy garage door. Start by tightening all screws you see on the garage door and track. Next, you’ll want to replace the actual rollers, of which there are typically 12 for a normal-sized garage. Your final step is to replace hinges that have holes that are more oblong than round. Your garage should be sounding a whole lot better now! Need the tools or replacement items? We have you covered.


5. Frozen Garage

If you live in a very cold area or there’s a cold stretch, your garage door opener can actually get too cold to work. The cold weather stiffens the mechanism causing it to be too cold to function. What you can do for a quick garage door fix is to check and adjust your garage door opener’s pressure settings and adjust those depending on the season to avoid future freezing.

While some of these steps seem easy, garage door fixes can be complicated and dangerous. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Easy Lift Door Company has helped thousands of customers with garage door fixes just like this and many more! Whether it’s a garage that won’t open, a garage opener not functioning correctly, or any other problem, we’ll get it fixed.

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