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Garage Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

When you leave the house for work or a five day vacation, you make sure your house is locked down. Front door, check. Back door, check. Coffee maker, off. But what about the garage? The garage is often an overlooked part of the home, and this is the case specifically relating to security.

The garage typically holds some of our most prized possessions. Whether it’s the motorcycle, hotrod, bicycle, or antique collection, you don’t want to give anyone an all-access pass to these items. Not only that, the garage is usually connected to your home!

Fortunately, you can greatly reduce the chance of garage break-ins with a few simple steps. In this blog, we’ll get you up to speed on garage security and how you can keep your belongings and home safer.

Let’s start with garage door products that can greatly help secure your garage.


Products for Keeping Garages Safe

Keychain openers

The remote control opener is a one way ticket into your garage and home. Typically the remote opener sits on your car visor, in plain sight. Yikes!

We recommend switching to a keychain remote or downsizing the remote to minimize the chances of a thief from seeing it. This way you’ll be able to take the opener with you wherever you go!

Improved opener

Upgrading your garage door opener can help your garage be more secure, but also give you peace of mind. Features such as smartphone connection, self-closing ability, a monitor and others will ensure you’re never second-guessing again.

Alarm/camera system

If you’re looking to truly protect your belongings and home, there’s no better way than installing a security system and camera. The security and camera system will have full-time watch over your belongings and garage. And even better, police officers constantly say that having a security system and camera will deter almost all burglary attempts.

Install timer

For everyone who rushes out of the house in the morning or is a second-guesser, installing a garage door timer is a fantastic way to kiss the stress goodbye. The timer will signal your garage remote at a set time, let’s say right after you leave for work just in case you forgot.

Garage Security Tips


Keep items out of sight in the garage

If they can’t see it, chances are they won’t steal it! If your shiny new mountain bike is in plain sight through the window, your garage has likely become a target.

Cover the garage door windows

If moving your belongings out of sight isn’t an option, we recommend installing curtains or glass with a film or frosting to block the line of sight. The goal here is to make your garage an unwelcome target.

Easy Lift Door Company can swap the clear glass with with frosted, tinted or decorative glass!

Hide your garage opener or keep it with you

Going back to the importance of the garage door opener, our tip is that you always keep it with you and always out of plain sight. You don’t want the wrong person to get their hands on the remote.

Keep the garage door keypad secure

Many garages have a keypad outside for convenience. The best way to make sure nobody finds out the code is to keep it a secret, and only give it to those you can fully trust.

Make sure the garage entry door is always locked

Many homeowners leave the garage entry door, the part that connects to your home, unlocked. While it is more convenient after you get home from a long day at work, the extra 5 seconds to lock and unlock that door on a daily basis shouldn’t be overlooked. 


There are a lot of ways to keep your garage and home secure these days, and we would love to talk with you more about it! Contact the garage door experts at Easy Lift for more on garage security and the products we provide to help!

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