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How Much Does a Garage Service Cost?

Groceries, bills, children… we get it: life is expensive, and the last thing you need to worry about is how much your broken garage will cost to repair.

At Easy Lift Door Company, we understand this and we always strive to give our customers a safe and respectful service without overpricing and hitting them with unexpected bills. Here are a couple of scenarios to think about when it comes to garage service cost.


Garage Service Cost with Other Companies

You have a garage door issue; let’s say the door isn’t opening or closing properly. You call a garage door company to come out and fix your problem. Company A then sends a technician out to fix your issue without clearly defining the cost of service and hits you with a bill much larger than you expected. What just happened? Did they need to even come out to fix it? Why is your car missing? Okay, maybe that last question doesn’t apply (we hope), but other garage door companies can leave you with a lot of questions to be answered!

The Easy Lift Way

You have a garage door issue, let’s stick with the garage door not opening. You call the experts at Easy Lift Door Company to ask what’s wrong. You will talk to an extremely knowledgeable individual who will assess the issue and go in a couple of directions.

  1. You will either receive an honest quote for the service, and an Easy Lift technician will come repair your issue, no questions asked.

  2. We will have our experienced technician assess your problem over the phone, and ask you questions to see if you can fix it yourself. Maybe all you need to do is push a button or two to fix the issue, and hey, that’s a free service!  If troubleshooting makes you nervous, don’t worry, we’ll never make you do something that puts your safety in danger. We take pride in our safety precautions!

Now that sounds like someone you want working on your home, right?

Before you even call for a quote or request a service with us, we want to educate you on what garage door services cost, and why they are priced the way they are. Let’s face it, it’s not like they teach you about garage door repair costs in school, so we thought we’d introduce you to an expert.

That’s why we interviewed the President of Easy Lift, Kevin Burbridge, to best educate you on pricing, value, our philosophy and more! Let’s get you up to speed!

How do garage door companies price their services?

KEVIN: They are priced for maximum profit.

How does Easy Lift price their services and how is it different from other companies?

Kevin: We do occasional surveys of pricing in the area—and price ours somewhere between a necessary profit but below the area average.

What about replacing your garage door and that cost?

KEVIN: Same as above. To protect the customer, we offer a “Low Price Guarantee,” in which we will beat the written quote of any reputable door company. A reputable door company is defined as a licensed door company with a physical address and a permanent (non-mobile) phone number.

Explain Easy Lift's philosophy on why getting the best price/estimate isn't always the best when it comes to garage services.

KEVIN: We know that there is value in being here for 33 years. We aren’t going anywhere—and our reputation is very important to us. A lot of door “companies” are really one or two guys working out of their garage. While a low initial price is very important, we believe it’s even more important to support the customer and their future garage door needs. We offer both.

What is the best way for customers to get an estimate from Easy Lift?

KEVIN: We have sales experts that can come to the customer, if a written estimate is desired. Or, our office staff can give estimates over the phone. Either way, the customer can call or email us. We make it easy and accessible to receive a quote!

How do customers verify that services technicians are qualified for the job?

KEVIN: First and foremost, any individual representing Easy Lift Door Company is an employee of our company—not an Independent Contractor. They are not given a commission. They are fully-trained and are part of our experienced team. Because our 33-year-family business’s reputation is always at-stake when we work with a customer, we are constantly evaluating and training our professional experts.

Hopefully this gives you some insight on how we give you an honest and accessible experience. As stated in the interview, we’ve been around for a long time, therefore we know how to best serve you when it comes to garage service and repair. So why wouldn’t you contact the garage experts with a great reputation?

If you’re in need of a spring repair, garage replacement or any other garage door fix, contact the experienced team at Easy Lift for an honest quote and incredible service that you can trust.

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