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How to Silence a Noisy Garage Door

Squeaking and creaking are two noises that are awfully familiar to homeowners, specifically in the garage. There are a lot of moving parts that are metal that can cause a real ruckus. Talk about annoying when you’re trying to stay quiet when people are sleeping!

While you can leave the noise be (we don’t recommend this!) it’s best that you take care of the annoying noise as soon as possible. Even more so because a noisy garage can be a symptom of a much larger garage issue.

Without further ado, here are 5 simple steps to quieting your noisy garage door!


Step 1: Clean and observe the tracks

Use a ladder and brush to clear the tracks of any dirt, rocks or debris. During this time you should also try running the garage and inspecting the tracks to see if there is any damage or alignment issues. Watch your hands!


Step 2: Lube it up!

Lubricate the rollers, springs, hinges and tracks with a garage door spray lubricant that you can purchase at a hardware store or through Easy Lift. You will be surprised how much lube can help with additional noise from the metal.

Pro tip: Avoid using WD-40 as it actually strips oil and lubricant from metal.

If you have a screw drive or chain opener, lubricate the screw or chain as well.


Step 3: Tighten all parts 

Your garage has likely been opening and closing for years, and chances are a couple parts might be loose. Check all nuts and bolts and tighten them where appropriate. The more snug, the less noise!


Step 4: Add anti-vibration inserts

Another way to soften the motor and garage is to add anti-vibration pads or garage noise insulators. These are rubber attachments that soften the vibration of the motor against other surfaces. You can find these online or from the garage door experts at Easy Lift Door Company.


Step 5: Inspect the hinges and rollers

Over time both the hinges and rollers can get damaged or take on some serious wear and tear. Inspect the garage hinges using your eyes and hands to see if there are any cracks present. If the hinge appears to be in decent shape, you should be able to quiet it down with WD-40. If there are cracks present, you should have them replaced by a garage expert. 

For the garage rollers, make sure to observe whether they are properly rolling when you open and close the garage. If you notice damage or significant noise, you will want to replace them for a quieter ride. Try nylon rollers if you are really looking to quiet the garage down!


Hopefully this gets you on the right track (get it?) to a quieter and more pleasant garage. If these garage fixes aren’t quite doing the trick or you’re in need of further assistance, we can surely help.

Here is what Easy Lift Door Company can provide to help you quiet your noisy garage door.

  1. Replace your garage door opener with an improved and quieter opener.
  1. Replace the garage hinges and rollers.
  1. Replace the garage springs.
  1. Perform an in-depth assessment to ensure the garage is working to its best capacity.
  1. Perform any other garage maintenance task in order to silence the noisy door.

Our expertly trained garage technicians are happy to help with any of the above tasks! 

Give us a call at (916) 922-7123 or visit our contact page to speak with a garage specialist and to schedule an appointment!

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