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Insulating your garage. Why it is a must!

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The garage is a key part to a home! Not only does it provide a safe, protective space to park your car but it is practically your own storage unit. Nowadays though, garages are being used for even more! Gyms, children’s play areas, workshops and much more! By insulating your garage, you will be able to use it all year long for whatever purpose you choose. The values of insulating your garage are endless… It will be safer for you and your loved ones, the temperature will be better regulated, complete noise reduction and more! Continue reading to find out why insulating your garage is a must!


Fumes, exhaust and carbon monoxide must be considered for the safety of your family! Inhaling these dangerous fumes can cause illness and even death, BUT it can be completely preventable! First, you should check that you have functioning carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, but especially near the entrance to the garage. If the alarm was to go off, your family could quickly and safely get out. Another precaution to take is to insulate your garage. Car exhaust would have little to no way of getting into your home! By insulating your garage, this acts as a barrier stopping carbon monoxide and other fumes from getting into your home. Your safety is our priority, learn about our company and our values here.


If it is cold outside your garage will likely be cool and if it is hot outside then your garage will likely be pretty warm as well too. The temperature of your garage mimics the outside temperature, which is great when it’s in the 60-70 degree temperature range, but otherwise it is uncomfortable. Additionally, it is not good for the items you’re storing in the garage, since they can be damaged by high temperatures. If a garage is not insulated or very poorly insulated, it can affect the temperature inside your home, costing you money on your A/C bill. Adding insulation to your garage gives you the ability to have better control over your homes temperature.

Energy- Efficient & Cost Saving

As discussed above, about the fluctuation in temperature in an uninsulated garage, this can cause your electricity bills to spike. Trying to regulate the temperature adds up! Insulating your garage will save energy as you will be using the A/C and heat less often.  Save money and have your home be more energy efficient? Yes please!


Insulation is a great sound barrier! Whatever project you start in the garage, you do not have to inconvenience neighbors or even your family members inside the house because the sound will not travel. Plus, if you live on a busy street that has traffic at night too the garage insulation can help quiet this noise. Hey, even your teenagers could have band practice in the garage, and you wouldn’t hear a thing! Today is the day, reduce garage door noise with an insulated door now.


Though Northern California does not face great deals of humidity, it is still something to consider when storing various belongings in the garage such as old photo albums, bikes and toys. These items can easily warp in humid conditions, and rust and mould is commonly found too. Uninsulated garages can easily become humid, though it is an easy fix to add insulation and make this repair. Contact Easy Lift for a free diagnostic and other garage door services!


Now that you know why insulating your garage is a must, let the team at Easy Lift Door Company make this improvement to your home! We offer insulated garage doors that can easily be installed by our experienced and highly-trained technicians. View our gallery page with the variety of garage doors we offer. We strongly recommend adding insulation on your garage door, especially for homeowners who have an interior wall connected to the garage. Contact us today!


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