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VIDEO: Hey, We Think You’re Pretty Nifty!

We’ve been missing our team lately, and we know how hard everyone is working from home to keep everything going for our customers. We wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation, and a little birdy told us that delivery is all the rage these days! 

We’re bringing gifts to our entire office staff to show them some love in our latest video. It’s Nifty Gifty! 

Delivering Some Nifty Gifties With Easy Lift!

Ready to deliver some Nifty Gifties? Strap on your protective gear and let’s hit the road! (After all, one should never leave the house without their mask, steel-toe shoes, and 6 foot distancing stick.) Each member of our office team got a custom mug to show them how much we miss them and appreciate them! 

Follow our Nifty Gifty adventures as we brave the forces of nature to deliver each and every member of our office staff a gift. Step aside, Santa, Easy Lift is here.

To our employees and customers alike, we miss you, and we appreciate you! We can’t wait to see you again after quarantine, but in the meantime, know that we think you’re pretty nifty.

Want to witness even more hijinks from the Easy Lift team? Check out our video gallery! You’ll laugh AND learn a little something about garage door maintenance. Check it out.

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