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Marie Kondo Garage Organization Tips

Garage organization tips 

It’s no secret that Marie Kondo is changing the way people feel, view, and live in their homes with her transformational organization methods. By organizing from room to room, her KonMari method is sparking joy in every space, including the garage.


Often times the garage is the storage space of the home, which can result in unnecessary clutter and the accumulation of “stuff” over time. When was the last time you cleaned your garage and reorganized it? Sounds like an overwhelming task, right? By applying these simple tips based off of the KonMari method, your garage will be organized and less overwhelming in no time!


Pull everything out and pile it up.

First things first: determine what you actually have in your garage. Pull everything out of boxes, bins, shelves, and corners and begin making piles. We recommend piling up by category, such as tools in one, Christmas decorations in another, and so on. It will seem like you’re just making an even bigger mess, but it’s important to know exactly what you have before you start sorting through it.


Eliminate to maintain.

This step is the hardest, but the most important. Once you have everything out and in piles, it’s time to pick a pile and begin sorting through it. As Mari Kondo would suggest, hold each item and decide if it “sparks joy” for you and your home. If it doesn’t support your lifestyle or “spark joy” then it’s time to eliminate it. We know that it can be difficult to get rid of certain things, so take your time. The KonMari way is all about creating a space that maintains your lifestyle and supports your household, rather than being weighed down and overwhelmed by clutter.


Box it up vertically.

Once you’ve eliminated the items you no longer need, use, or sparks joy, it’s time to reorganize each pile by placing them into boxes or back onto shelves. Mari Kondo recommends placing items vertically so that they are easily visible when looking for them, but ultimately do what works best for you. As you’re putting your items into boxes, divide up each box to represent a single category to ensure that everything has a space.


Properly place to utilize the space.

Once your items are organized in their boxes, it’s time to place them in an area that will work best for your lifestyle. Stacking the boxes or placing them on storage shelves against a wall is a great way to utilize your garage space. Placement matters, so make sure that where your setting your items will support your home, not make things more difficult.


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Restore your door for a fresh start.

Last, but not least, check your garage door. Does it need a repair or restoration? Lucky for you, Easy Lift can do that for you! Our highly-trained technicians do everything for you, onsite, no matter how big or small the job may seem. After all, there’s nothing better than a clean garage with an easy working, fully repaired door to finish off and freshen up the new look!


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