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How To Use Garage Door Lubricant To Silence A Squeaky Door

You’re coming home from work, hit the garage door opener, and hear it - SCREECH! At one point or another, we all deal with a squeaky garage door, but that doesn’t make the sound any less irritating.

Using garage door lubricant frequently can help prevent squeaking, and helps to extend the life of your door by preventing more serious issues. Ideally, this should be done once every few months to keep things in ship shape!

Read on to learn how to apply garage door lubricant.

Image: A man repairing his garage door. Learn how to apply garage door lubricant.

How To Use Garage Door Lubricant

What You’ll Need

To lubricate your garage door, you’ll need lithium-based grease or specialized garage door lube.  

Don’t use WD-40 or oil for this! We know, WD-40 is good for everything else, why not a squeaky door too? That's because WD-40 functions as a cleaner, not a lubricant, in this circumstance, and can actually strip lubricant from the metal. Meanwhile, oil is more likely to drip or build up dirt or dust.

You will also need a mask and eye protection to protect yourself from any harmful fumes, and a rag to wipe off excess spray.

How To Apply Lubricant To Your Door

The good news is, with the right precautions, applying garage door lubricant yourself is fairly simple.

  1. To start, shut the door and turn off the power to it.
  2. Inspect and clean the tracks of any rocks, dirt, or other debris.
  3. Next, you’ll need to apply garage door lubricant to the hinges, rollers, springs, and tracks. The easiest way to do this is to slowly open the door manually and apply lubricant to the hinges and rollers as it opens.
  4. Your owner’s manual will have directions on caring for the garage door opener itself based on the model you own.

Book Regular Maintenance

If you’ve tried lubricating your door and it’s still making noise, or if you’re just not much of a DIY-er, call Easy Lift! We can help:

  •  Apply lubricant
  • Replace the springs, hinges, or other parts
  • Replace your loud garage door opener with a newer, more efficient one
  • Assist with any other garage door maintenance you need!

Contact Easy Lift for garage door maintenance today to set up an appointment! Get started

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