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Spring Repair: How to Diagnose and When to Call a Pro

Did you press the garage door open button in hopes of leaving for work, only to find out your garage won’t open? You’re probably thinking, “What the heck is wrong with the motor?” However, chances are it’s not your motor—it’s the spring!

Garage Door Spring Repair Tips

To be sure, it’s important to know how to identify and diagnose a broken spring. Let’s start with symptoms of a broken garage spring.

Your garage spring is most likely broken if:

  • The garage door struggles to open
  • The garage door appears crooked or uneven
  • There is damage to top panel where opener arm attaches
  • The garage door is very heavy or impossible to lift manually
  • Cables are loose or dangling

Does one or more of these symptoms sound familiar? If you answered yes, please continue reading! If not, you may want to contact us just in case— many garage door issues can be serious, or at least, pesky. We’re here to help!

Here are some questions we get asked frequently about garage spring repair.


Where is the spring located?

The garage door spring is typically located above the garage door in the center. The spring is a few inches in diameter and 1-2 feet long.


What does a broken spring look like?

From the ground, you should be able to clearly see that the spring looks separated, or broken. If not, use a ladder to get a closer look at the spring.


Can I fix the spring myself?

Technically, yes. However, here’s why the answer should be no: the spring supports the entire weight (300+ pounds) of your garage door and is under significant pressure. Between the garage door slamming down on you or a spring malfunction, leave garage door spring repair to the experts!


How much does it cost?

Spring repair services are not as expensive as you might think. Check out our garage door spring rates.


When do I need to fix it?

Do you want your garage door to open again? You should get your garage spring replaced ASAP!


How long will my new spring last?

Springs can last anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 cycles, depending on type and quality. If you’re opening and closing your garage many times throughout the day, or you live in a wet climate, you’ll be changing the springs more frequently.


Pro tip: Lubricate the springs with motor oil or a canned lubricant to make them last longer!


We hope this helps you identify and diagnose your garage door issue(s), because every time a garage door doesn’t open, it hurts us a little bit inside!


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