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Behind the Door: Tyler's Story




For Tyler Campbell, efficiency is a top priority. As CEO of a fast-paced marketing agency, he doesn’t have time to wait and certainly doesn’t want to waste his work hours waiting on an installation for his home. That’s what lead him to select us to install his new garage door opener! Enjoy Tyler’s take on how Easy Lift Garage Door transformed his everyday inconvenience from problematic to pleasant — and why he’s recommending us to his community.

From Garage Door Despair To Dependable Modern Upgrade


Tyler was getting tired of his old garage door opener and knew it was time to get a much-deserved upgrade. Additionally, as a dad of three, he wanted the convenience factor of having Smart features so his kids could come through the garage door instead of going through his backyard.


“My motor burnt out and having kids running in and out of the garage, it was obviously dangerous! My old garage door was a motorized one and I wanted something a little quieter so Daniel sent over some different styles to help my wife and I narrow down our selection.”


We had worked with Tyler and provided him with a memorable positive experience, which brought him to call us up again for his new garage installation.


“Easy Lift is awesome! I have used them before for fixing my spring. They came out and took out the top panel because I wanted the glass to let natural light in. Every time their customer service has been really good! I chose them again to upgrade my garage door and opener.”


Daniel (our Product Specialist) worked with Tyler to make sure he was selecting a new garage door that best fit his needs and combated his old opener’s issues. Tyler selected a LiftMaster from our product catalog that came equipped with shiny, new features. Just a couple of which included a code opener, automatic lights, and a smart opener app he could use from his phone.


“My garage door did not have the code opener on the outside, so, having kids running around and having to go around to the backyard to get in the house was tough. Now the kids can easily type in the code and get in! The motion sensor light has to be my favorite feature. Typically, you have to fumble around in the dark if you’re getting something and have to find the light. I love just being able to walk out and boom, the light is on. It’s made my life 100% better and more convenient, for sure!”


Though Tyler loves the day-to-day convenience of his LiftMaster’s automatic lighting feature, he also raved about the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener app that is provided with the model.


“The MyQ app will tell you when your garage door is opened or closed and even though I’m in my office, I can still control my garage door! It’s really convenient.”


Overall, Tyler had a positive experience using Easy Lift Garage Door as his garage door installer and is pleased with his purchase!


“The sales reps are really good at what they do and the installers are knowledgeable and quick. It’s low impact so you’re not out there waiting on them. They show up when they say they will! I would definitely recommend Easy Lift to others because of the ease of working with them. They are priced well and I know the price is worth it because the quality is the best.”


Tyler's home went from noisy, inconvenient and at times dangerous —  to efficient and simple, getting him on the road and out with the kids rather than worried about home safety hazards. If you’re like Tyler and are looking to upgrade your garage door that has features to meet your needs, give us a call today! We’ll find the door of your dreams and provide a free diagnostic.

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