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Part Two: Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

Your garage door is one of your home’s features that you may take for granted until something goes sideways. Need to know how to reprogram your remote after a power outage? Trying to decide between garage door repair or replacement? We’re here to help.

We’re back to answer even more of your garage door FAQs. From important safety information to style and maintenance advice, this is everything you need to know before having your new garage door or opener installed. 

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Even More Garage Door Questions, Answered

Should I have my door repaired or replaced?

Whether or not you need to replace your garage door or can simply have it serviced depends on its condition. Generally, a garage door is designed to last around 20 years. If your door has exceeded 20 years of life or has major damage, it may be time to replace it. Minor issues with doors less than 20 years old usually only require a service to correct the issue.

Whether a repair or a replacement, our team can make sure you get the best solution at the right price! 

How much headroom space do I need above the door?

Headroom refers to the space between the garage door and the ceiling. When the door opens, it requires space to make the turn as it rolls up its tracks. Ensuring ample headroom is key to a hassle-free installation. 

If your garage door uses extension springs, a minimum of 10 inches of headroom is required. If your door uses torsion springs the standard is 12 to 15 inches; however, based on door height and style this may change. Don’t have the headroom for the door you like? Using low-headroom tracks can help!

How do I reprogram my remote if the power goes out?

It happens to all of us now and then with old openers. The power goes out, and the next time you go to take your car out of the garage, you hit the remote, and nothing happens. Reprograming your remote when this happens is simple: 

  1. Make sure the door is in the down position. If it’s open, use the emergency release cord to lower it.
  2. Run the remote and door through a full cycle. To do this, you will simply hit the garage door button to fully open the door and then fully close it again. If your remote has separate buttons to open and close the door, you’ll need to hit close first before you can open it.

It’s as easy as that! Thankfully with newer openers, this issue should not come up. We have videos on our website that show how to program a garage door remote from scratch. 

Where can I get a garage door opener? 

Looking to upgrade your garage door opener to something more high-tech, or simply need to replace a noisy old motor? Easy Lift carries options to satisfy even your most safety-conscious and techy family members. To start with, we recommend LiftMaster and Genie.

We can help you pick the right system for your household and get it installed! 

What do I need to convert my garage into a workshop?

Garages aren’t just for cars. If you’re looking to convert yours into a workshop, an extra bedroom, or even your own bar like one Easy Lift customer did, here are a few changes to make yourself more comfortable. 

  • Invest in an insulated door. Doors with insulation are sturdier and will help to keep you warm in the evening and cooler when those California summers top 100 degrees.
  • Choose a door with windows. Windows add natural light and style, which is great if your garage is becoming a space where you’ll be spending more time.

Having your garage door be out of commission is frustrating. We want to make sure your door is always in its best condition! Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Interested in finding the right door or opener for you? Reach out to the Easy Lift team!

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