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How to Silence a Noisy Garage Door


Squeaking and creaking are two noises that are awfully familiar to homeowners, specifically in the garage. There are a lot of moving parts that are metal that can cause a real ruckus. Talk about annoying when you’re trying to stay quiet when people are sleeping!

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Now Hiring Garage Installers in Sacramento & Bay Area


Are you construction-minded, hard-working and a team player?

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Garage Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe


When you leave the house for work or a five day vacation, you make sure your house is locked down. Front door, check. Back door, check. Coffee maker, off. But what about the garage? The garage is often an overlooked part of the home, and this is the case specifically relating to security.

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2017 Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist


We hate to say it, but the garage can be a breeding ground for old things, unused household items and winter gunk. Unless you’re extremely on top of it, the garage can become slightly dysfunctional.

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How Much Does a Garage Service Cost?


Groceries, bills, children… we get it: life is expensive, and the last thing you need to worry about is how much your broken garage will cost to repair.

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Easy Lift Door Company Safety Palooza!


The 2017 Easy Lift Safety Palooza was a success! You may ask, “Safety Palooza, what the heck is that?”

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12 Simple Garage Workouts Everyone Can Do


The holidays are wrapped up, vacation is coming to an end and we know just what you’re thinking: Time to get motivated.

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New Year, New Look for Your Home: Garage Doors that Add Curb Appeal

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Working at Easy Lift Door Company with Sales & Field Manager, Daniel


When you think about what it’s like to work at a garage door installation and service company, what do you think of? Harsh environment? Long days? Too much work?

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How to Get Your Garage Winter-Ready


Winter is coming…

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